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Welcome to the Formula 1 Drivers Autographs
- the site of Rafal Rokicki - an F1 fan and autograph collector, who lives in Ireland.

I have been collecting Formula 1 autographs since 1994. Then I got my first 3 autographed cards from Ligier (Bernard, Blundell, Comas). Now, after 30 years, you can find over 5000 most precious scanned autographs of Formula 1 drivers here and also some unsigned official autograph cards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all my friends, F1 teams, clubs, private people and of course drivers for their help with increasing this collection. Many thanks to all the visitors from around the world, who looked at the website for many years.

If you have any comments, questions, found out any mistakes or you collect things like mentioned please do not hesitate to contact me. However, please note I DO NOT distribute drivers addresses and rather not looking for them. Right now I'm concentrating mainly to collect official autograph cards and missing autographs of deceased F1 drivers.

If you have any old F1 autographs from the 50's-70's I might be able to help you to identify them and maybe even buy if you are interested.

Here is just little FAQ for other fans to answer some questions before you send me an email.

- WHY AM I STILL DOING THIS HAVING SOMETIMES DOZEN AUTOGRAPHS OF A DRIVER?: I still have fun collecting, I have fun waiting for autographs, like the atmosphere beside the fans and still have many autograph cards that are unsigned, received from F1 Teams during past 30 years. It will be nice to have them autographed, won't it?

- WHAT IS THE COST TO DO A GP TRIP?: Well, it could be quite cheap especially sharing a car with other fans, having a general admission ticket, staying at the campsite and having car boot filled with food. For me living in Ireland I need to fly everywhere, usually buying 3-day GP ticket for approx. €200-350, so the total cost in Europe is about €600 staying in budget hotels and up to €1000 for events like Singapore. Above are minimum prices. Recently tickets became more and more expensive and for some of the races like US, UK, Maxico it won't be possible to make a trip for €1k.

- WHERE AND HOW TO COLLECT AUTOGRAPHS?: Many places like official autograph session, waiting beside paddock entry, waiting at the airport or staying beside hotels where the drivers are accommodated. Unfortunatelly, in recent seasons F1 abandoned idea of official autograph session, but it's still possible to attend for example during WEC or FE race weekends where ex-F1 drivers are racing. Everyone has some tricks and favourite places. I'm not going to give you full guide, especially some places at the track are access restricted. What I try to do is to have respect for the drivers and usually I'm not annoying them when they are busy, talking over the phone etc. Sometimes it is really hard job to get autographs or wait for selfies. During Singapore GP it took me 12 hours to wait beside paddock (from 12pm to 12am on Thursday!). Some places are nice like airport in Baku. Waiting there on Tuesday and Wednesday before GP you can get really nice signatures and take some selfies without any crowd.

I'm usually traveling myself as I'm usually busy at the track for all 4 days. I don't have intention to ruin somebody's plans and my plans. I often get up early, be at the track at 7-8am, stay there or somewhere until late evening hours. Sometimes it's just even easier to be at restricted place by myself than a group of 3-4 people. Also please remember, I'm doing this for myself. I don't have intention to sell autographs for €5 or something, just because somebody wants it, having nothing for trade.

- WHERE WOULD I LIKE TO GO?: One day definitely Japanese GP. It is my dream to see Japan, Suzuka and feel the atmosphere over there.

Some stats:

5074 different autographs visible here in 'The Collection' section,
749 drivers of total 901 participating in F1 weekends (at least Friday practice) since 1950.
This is 83% of the total.
211 of these drivers I met personally and asked for autographs, so it means I met 23% of participants.
I have autographs of all drivers currently living, participating since 1950 with the exception of Brausch Niemann who refuses to sign letters.
Above includes 114 of 115 race winners, 88 of 105 Indy 500 attenders when it was a round of F1 WC (1950-60) and all Formula 1 World Champions.
-> List of all autographs, cards - also unsigned and preprinted (MS Excel file - 581 kB) <-

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